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Extreme Power: 2000 mAh Solar & USB Portable charger

When “running out of Power” goes obsolete!

With KIWI U-Powered there is NO way to run out of power.  You can charge this device from any power source: USB port, car charger, solar energy and wall charger.   Once charged, it holds to its power for at least six months!  With 11 free tips included, KIWI U-Powered can be used to charge any of your mobile devices on the go. 


Powerful: With a recharge lifecycle of more than 1000 and a capacity of 2000 mAh, you can always keep all your mobile devices powered on the go.

Versatile: U-Powered ensures your access to power anywhere. Charge it from the sun, or from any USB port worldwide; including laptops, car dashboards, aero plane seats, USB wall or USB car chargers. With U-Powered, you will always have access to power.

Environmental: Rely on clean solar energy through KIWI U-Powered’s 3 Photo Voltaic panels.  You will never need to use disposable batteries again.

Compatible: Unlike other devices on the market, the U-powered is compatible with all your devices. There is no need to pay extra for additional connectors.

Universal: Use KIWI U-Powered wherever you are.

Excellent pricing: KIWI U-Powered is half the price of other solar products of the same capacity.  Top quality and excellent pricing make U-Powered the best portable power solution on the market.

Now you can charge all your mobile devices on the go: Nokia, Samsung, LG, Palm, Blackberry, iPhone, iPod, Motorola, Sony, Bluetooth, GPS, digital cameras, PSP, ebook, Nintendo DS, kindle, etc.

The KIWI U-Powered package comes with 11 different small tips as shown in the picture below.

Battery Type

Lithium Polymer

Output Voltage

DC 5.3 – 5.6V

Output Current


Operating T°

-10° – 45°

Storage & Transportation T°

-10° – 45°

Power Capacity

2000 mAh

Lighting time after 1 hour charging Under sunlight (500W/M2)

>100 min

Time of fully being charged by adaptors or USB

3.5 – 4.5 hours

Time of fully being charged under sunlight (500W/M2)

17+ hours

Cycle Life


Rated Input Voltage

DC 5.0 – 6.0V

Charge Input Current



116mm * 48.4mm * 25.7mm


124.6 g

Max. Luminous flux


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